Call for Helms Halt as Forest Protectors Rally

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South West Greens MLC Diane Evers has issued a rallying call to South West forest protectors after the Forest Products Commission (FPC) signalled plans to begin logging Helms forest this week.

The native Jarrah forest has been defended through direct action as recently as March of this year, with threats to local fauna compounding the ongoing environmental vandalism of native forests by the FPC as it continues to log largely for smelter-use charcoal.

Ms Evers, The Greens (WA) spokesperson for forests, highlighted the importance of the federally recognised International Bird Area as habitat, as well as concerns for the spread of dieback as a result of logging operations.

The native forest supports endangered Black Cockatoos, including those rehabilitated and released into the area from the neighbouring Jamarri Rehabilitation Centre, until its closure earlier this year.

Ms Evers visited a forest blockade at the site on Sunday, July 19, which has been established in response to the logging announcement by FPC.

A significant response in support from the South West community is expected, as outrage continues to grow about a logging regime that destroys high conservation value forests.


“Helms forest is under threat and our native forests won’t be secure until we repeal the Forest Products Act.

“I visited the Helms blockade on Sunday and remain buoyed by the fact that there is such a strong human response to the vandalism of our precious South West environment, with people activated to respond time and time again to this morally repugnant logging regime.

“Losing this beloved jarrah forest as a result of ongoing destruction by the Forest Products Commission will result in reduced habitat and will continue to aggravate our extinction crisis.

“At risk are Red-tailed, Carnaby’s and Baudin’s cockatoos, which have been rehabilitated nearby and released into Helms forest, where they live and breed.

“A further serious concern is the presence of dieback and the risk that this infestation could be spread further in the event of unnecessary logging practices.

“I’m asking the ever-growing community of South West forest protectors to call and email the Minister for Forestry and let him know that Helms must be protected.

“Native forests need to be protected so we maintain biodiversity, tackle climate change and ensure these precious forests are there for all to enjoy for generations to come. 

“We need to let the Ministers for Forestry, Environment, and Regional Development know that there is no social license for this destruction and we must demand an end to native forest logging.”

Hon. Diane Evers
MLC for South West
(08) 9486 8070

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