Dalyellup Greenpatch

About This Campaign

The local residents of Dalyellup are fighting against a Satterly proposal to develop 22 hectares of this bushland into 173 residential lots. The Dalyellup bushland is a wildlife corridor, home to endangered Western Ringtail Possums. The Shire of Capel has received hundreds of submissions opposing the development and the Save Dalyellup Tuart Bushland community action group have collected hundreds of signatures against the development on this vital green patch.

Key Points

  • The Greenpatch is owned by the State government’s Department for Communities & Housing, with the proposed development being a joint venture between the Housing Authority and Satterley Property Group.
  • In April 2018, the Shire of Capel rejected the Greenpatch structure plan amid concerns that the area may be contaminated.
  • In September 2018, the Greenpatch site was found to be contaminated with TSR (treated solid residue) by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), a waste product of titanium dioxide pigment which is radioactive and contains bio-accumulating heavy metals and was dumped for over 20 years at the adjoining former Dalyellup Waste Residue Disposal Facility (DWRDF).
  • The Greenpatch structure plan is currently being assessed by the Western Australian Planning Commission.
  • Save Dalyellup Tuart Bushland community action group are calling for the Dalyellup bushland to be formally included in the Preston River to Ocean Regional Park as the bushland provides a natural bufferzone and holds conservation values.


Tabling of two petitions in 2018 on the grounds that the community oppose the proposed Greenpatch development.

Diane has worked with the group to ask questions to the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Health.

Diane will continue to advocate for the conservation of the Dalyellup bushland. For more information or to get involved, please visit the Save Dalyellup Tuart Bushland Facebook page.

“Including the lots in the Regional Park would be an ideal solution to protect this valuable land and provide a buffer for nearby sewage and waste facilities. In the interim, it is important that the Government does not act rashly in giving the green light for the proposal,”

Diane Evers

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