Support Your Environment Through Royalties for Regions

Diane’s Royalties for Regions Amendment Bill 2019 will be brought on for debate this week in the Legislative Council of Western Australia. The purpose of this Bill is to amend the Royalties for Regions Act 2009 to ensure that environmental purposes are adequately reflected in Royalties for Regions funding.

This Bill provides a simple mechanism by which Western Australians can be sure that there is adequate provision for environmental programs in our regional communities by seeking to allocate 10 per cent of Royalties for Regions funding to Natural Resource Management groupsbut it needs your support. 

You cannot have vibrant regions and strong economies without a healthy environment and biodiversity, and nvestment in the environment is vital for regional communities, especially for the NRM groups that administer environmental programs.

If you agree that Royalties for Regions needs reform to promote and facilitate environmental programs and spending, please contact your Upper House member and encourage them to support this Bill by sending them the letter below, amended as appropriate.

Dear Dr Talbot/Dr Thomas/Ms Farina/Mr Tincknell/Mr Holt,

I would like to bring it to your attention that the Hon. Diane Evers’s Royalties for Regions Amendment Bill, seeking to allocate 10 per cent of Royalties for Regions funding to Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups, will be discussed in the Legislative Council this coming Thursday, March 19. 

Investment in the environment is vital for regional communities, especially for the NRM groups that administer environmental programs. Environmental spending now will deliver intergenerational benefits, ensuring that industries such as agriculture and tourism can be sustainable, and our incredible biodiversity and nature is able to be enjoyed into the future. NRM groups can make a small amount of funding go a long way, but it is so important that they have certainty and stability – a strong foundation for their incredible work in regional communities.

To date, Royalties for Regions funding has focussed overwhelmingly on business and economic investment whilst leaving the environment to fight for funding from consolidated revenue. This Bill will ensure the resourcing of organisations that are committed to preserving our natural wealth is secure. 

I encourage you to support Ms Evers’ Bill in your role as a member of the Legislative Council and ensure more is done to protect the integral work regional NRM groups do to care for our environment.

Yours faithfully,


Region – South West

Hon. Adele Farina MLC
Ph: (08) 9721 1165

Hon. Colin James Holt MLC
Ph: (08) 9724 1181

Hon. Dr Sally Elizabeth Talbot MLC
Ph: (08) 9725 3711

Hon. Dr Steven (Steve) Caldwell Thomas MLC
Ph: (08) 9757 9555

Hon. Colin Richard Tincknell MLC
Ph: (08) 9486 8106

Region – Mining and Pastoral

Hon. Jacqui Ellen Boydell MLC
Ph: (08) 9144 4187

Hon. Stephen Noel Dawson
Ph: (08) 6552 5800

Hon. Kyle Owen McGinn MLC
Ph: (08) 9022 7003

Hon. Robin David Scott MLC
Ph: (08) 9093 1455

Hon. Kenneth (Ken) Charles Baston
Ph: (08) 9193 7044

Region – Agriculture

Hon. Martin Aldridge MLC
Ph: (08) 9576 0141

Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLC
Ph: (08) 9481 0082

Hon. Colin Stephen de Grussa MLC
Ph: (08) 9921 4818

Hon. Laurie William Graham MLC
Ph: (08) 9621 1999

Hon. Ricky (Rick) John Mazza
Ph: (08) 9481 6070

Hon. Darren Legh West MLC
Ph: (08) 9964 1001

Your South West Voice in Parliament, October 21-27

Diane attends the Bindjareb Boodja memorial commemoration of the Pinjarra massacre on Friday, 25 October.

Diane continued activities inside and out of Parliament, aligned with the Noongar values of kart, koort and wirrin, during an emotional week that addressed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 and the Pinjarra Massacre of 1834.

The VAD Bill passed the Second Reading vote in the Legislative Council by 25 to 10 on Wednesday. During the previous evening’s session, Diane took the opportunity to speak on this important piece of legislation. Diane highlighted the importance of representation in this matter, with 84% of West Australians in support of the Bill.

The week was bookended by two community events with a strong focus on Noongar culture, firstly at Koolbardies Talking, a local women’s group in the City of Mandurah serving as a meeting place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous women, providing an opportunity to share stories and change public perceptions. This was followed on Saturday by a more solemn affair, as Diane was invited to speak at the Bindjareb Boodja memorial commemoration of the Pinjarra massacre.

In other matters of ongoing significance, on Tuesday the Environmental Protection Authority agreed to proposal changes by the Southern Forests Irrigation Cooperative. The proposal change “clarified” that 9.3 gigalitres of water will be taken from the Donnelly River annually, an increase on the previous 9 gigalitres, despite the removal of a dam the proponents alleged would not have existed in the first place. Diane remains opposed to a water trading scheme that is wildly inequitable, will threaten native forests and will not a provide solution to water allocation that serves community interests. A full Public Environmental Review is to come, Diane will encourage public submissions when this period opens.

Meanwhile on Friday, ABC South West reported that WA’s biggest native hardwood processor, Auswest Timbers, is accused of ‘wasting’ thousands of tonnes of jarrah logs. Diane continues to support the significant work done by WA Forest Alliance (WAFA) in this matter, with her office liaising between constituents, WAFA and Parliament regarding these practices at Auswest Timbers for some time. The native timber industry remains poorly managed by the Forest Products Commission, who are not up to the task of preventing unethical practices.

Elsewhere, Diane continued the busy work of Legislative Council proceedings and attending the meeting of the Select Committee into Local Government, prior to returning to Parliament for the third and final sitting week of October.

Belinda’s Brave Walk

Today, Diane met Perth woman Belinda Teh, who has been walking across the South West Region campaigning for voluntary assisted dying.

Beginning in Victoria, Belinda arrived at Parliament House on today after 70-day journey. Her arrival coincides with the introduction of a Voluntary euthanasia bill to be introduced into Western Australian Parliament.

Diane and her The Greens (WA) colleagues acknowledge Western Australia has a unique opportunity to finally allow for compassion, dignity and respect for terminally ill people, and that it is people like Belinda who give so much and campaign so hard for change.

To learn more about Belinda and her very personal journey, please visit her website. You can also learn more about Dying With Dignity Western Australia and The Greens (WA)’s policy.