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CRC Funding Confirmed!

There was good news for Community Resource Centres (CRC) today, as the State Government confirmed in Parliament that funding will continue two more years through to the end of the 21/22 financial year, without going through a reapplication process.

This allows CRCs time for forward planning, as they work hard to meet the needs of communities.

Earlier in September, Diane asked the Government about its funding evaluation for Linkwest, the state association for community, neighbourhood and learning centres in Western Australia. The Government’s response was that it is still “considering” an evaluation report, despite less than six weeks before its funding is set to cease.

As the peak body supporting CRCs, this vital service cannot provide security to either its staff or the community as a result. Diane aims to continue working towards forcing the Government to ensure clarity to Linkwest, believing Linkwest and the WA Community Resource Network deserve better.

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