Evers Calls on Government to Approve Removal of Point Grey Marina Option

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South West Greens MLC Diane Evers has welcomed the Shire of Murray’s majority decision to remove a marina from a list of allowed uses at the Point Grey site as part of ongoing community and local government efforts to prevent its controversial development.  

Ms Evers, The Greens (WA) spokesperson for regional development, has voiced opposition to the Point Grey marina development in the past, both in Parliament and directly to the WA Labor Government.

The Shire of Murray has now forwarded the amendment proposal to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for its consideration. Planning Minister Rita Saffioti to make the final decision once a recommendation has been provided by WAPC. 

Given the importance of this amendment and the time pressure created by the upcoming March State Election, Ms Evers has written to Minister Saffioti to ask that the Government considers the amendment with urgency and provides approval as soon as practicable.

Point Grey is located in the southern rural part of the Shire of Murray and is surrounded on three sides by the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary (Peel Harvey Estuary). The Estuary is an important part of the Peel-Yalgorup wetland system and was determined a ‘Wetland of International Importance’ under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

After a State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) decision in 2019 supported the significant environmental and community concerns regarding the development and channel dredging, attempts have been ongoing to ensure only appropriate and sustainable developments proceed in Western Australia. 


“The Peel Harvey Estuary is something to be proud of and we should recognise the benefits of its protection.

“I previously wrote to the McGowan Government in September 2019 about the significant environmental ramifications of the Point Grey marina development and was pleased when the SAT later denied an appeal for permission to start work on the project.

“The impacts of such a large scale urban development that would have detrimental consequences for the ecological health and water quality of the estuary, impacts of climate change effects, ongoing management of the channel, and the potential impact of bushfire and coastal risk.

“The Shire of Murray sought public submissions as part of the process for this Amendment and received 580 submissions in support, including from the City of Mandurah and environmental-related organisations.

“The Shire of Murray has been working for many years to prevent this marina development and as a member of the Select Committee into Local Government during my term as a Member of WA Parliament, it is clear to me that the Local Government Act needs revision to better empower councils to protect their landscapes.  

“The WA Greens are also committed to introducing Third Party Appeal Rights to bring Western Australia in line with the rest of the country, and to guarantee the community has an equal voice to developers when appealing development decisions that do not meet community expectations.

“Given the significant environmental and financial concerns over the future development of the Point Grey peninsular site, it is imperative that this amendment is considered and approved, devoid of any delays. 

“Without the ability for third-party rights of appeal, the future of the peninsular and estuary are at risk, and this amendment will go a long way to providing the much-needed protection.”

Hon. Diane Evers
MLC for South West
(08) 9486 8070

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