Evers Continues Environmental Legislation Campaign

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Diane Evers with a petition calling on the WA Government to redirect a portion of royalties for regions annual funding.

South West Greens MLC Diane Evers has continued to call for environmental purposes to be reflected in royalties for regions spending as part of an ongoing campaign to enhance Western Australian environmental legislation.

Ms Evers, who introduced the Royalties for Regions Amendment Bill 2019 during the last sitting of WA Parliament, will this week table a petition to request the McGowan Government directs a minimum of 10 per cent of all royalties for regions annual funding for environmental rehabilitation and preservation.

The petition expresses concerns for:

  • the increasing environmental degradation and pollution as a result of mining and gas sector activities;
  • the insufficient effort the Government is providing for environmental rehabilitation and the
  • preservation of the State’s unique biodiversity demonstrated by the reduction in estimated
  • Royalties for Regions allocations to environmental projects across the forward estimates;
  • the impact of climate change on our environment;
  • the lack of support for community based Natural Resource Management organisations across
  • the State; and
  • the potential impacts of the loss of valuable ecosystems resulting from insufficient action.

Ms Evers highlighted a particular need for local landcare groups to receive certainty and stability in support of their incredible work to fill the gaps between government management of the environment in regional communities.


“The royalties for regions framework has provided meaningful support to the regional communities of Western Australia for a decade now, and is an important system for ensuring that profits from our state’s mining and gas resources are translated into benefits for the community.

“However, there has been little emphasis on environmental programs in the application of the royalties for regions fund. Investment in the environment is vital for regional communities, especially for the groups that administer environmental programs.

“These groups can make a small amount of funding go a long way, but it is important that they are given security through adequate funding.

“Allocating a minimum of 10% of all royalties for regions funding on an annual basis for environmental rehabilitation and for the preservation of the State’s unique biodiversity will greatly assist in building regional economies, complement existing carbon sequestration initiatives and aid in the reversal of global warming.”

Hon. Diane Evers
MLC for South West
(08) 9486 8070

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