Evers Encourages Albany Council Climate Call

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South West Greens MLC Diane Evers has thrown her support behind a proposed City of Albany motion to adopt climate change action, as efforts to stop the climate crisis ramp up across the state.

An Albany resident herself, Ms Evers said that a positive declaration at Tuesday night’s Ordinary Council Meeting would add to public pressure for climate change action and sustainability initiatives at all levels of government, whilst also providing practical solutions at a local level.

Ms Evers’ WA Greens colleague, Tim Clifford MLC, will introduce a Climate Change Act to WA Parliament on November 5 and Ms Evers said the continued public push for governmental responses to the climate crisis highlighted the current scale of inaction.

The Climate Change Act to be introduced by Mr Clifford will set out legislative terms to:

  • target net-zero emissions by 30 June 2040;
  • target 100 per cent renewable energy by 30 June 2030;
  • establish an independent Climate Council;
  • create thousands of green jobs to support Western Australian communities and protect the environment.

Ms Evers said that tackling the climate crisis would also address the ongoing COVID-19 economic crisis through job creation and local manufacturing.

Ms Evers highlighted the fact that Western Australia contributes more than its fair share of greenhouse gas emissions but, instead of reducing its pollution, the state has the fastest-growing emissions in the country and has plenty more fossil fuel projects in the pipeline.

A rally in support of the Climate Change Act will be held outside Parliament House at 9am on Thursday, November 5, prior to the introduction of the Bill in the Legislative Council later that day.


“Last year, as part of the School Strike 4 Climate, the youth of Albany came out in force to demand urgent local action to combat the global climate crisis.

“Albany council now has the opportunity to do its own part in providing people with the safe and healthy environment that has been put at risk by the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

“While it’s great the WA Government has established an aspirational net zero emissions by 2050 target, the climate crisis requires more than an aspiration.

“The last two State Budgets alone have scarcely mentioned climate change, reflective of a government focussed on maintaining the untenable status quo, even before the impact of COVID-19.

“Scientists have been clear: this is the critical decade for action on climate, with a need to halve pollution by 2030 and get to zero emissions as fast as possible.

“Next week, the WA Greens’ Tim Clifford MLC will introduce a practical legislative framework that will give the WA Government an opportunity to be bold, set a net zero emissions target, drive renewable energy investment and establish an independent Climate Council to oversee the transition to a renewable economy.

“Without this decisive action, we will face the catastrophic consequences of irreversible global heating.

“If our local governments can commit to transitioning its assets to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and implement key climate change action regionally, then it is environmental recklessness for the WA Government to have not taken action sooner.

“We’re in this situation because large polluting industries have been allowed to buy influence with both major parties, creating an economy that favours profit over people and planet.”

Hon. Diane Evers
MLC for South West
(08) 9486 8070

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