Forest fight firms up

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A strong turnout at last week’s Focused on Forests workshop went home invigorated with enthusiasm, vowing to maintain collaborative efforts to help protect WA forests.

The big crowd, consisting of seasoned campaigners and curious newcomers wanting to learn more about the future of our precious environment, discussed topics ranging from identification of High Conservation Value forests to organising campaigns to save them.

The event, held at Margaret River and organised by Greens (WA) forestry spokesperson Diane Evers, reconnected a community of forest enthusiasts, lovers and protectors, who spent much of the day brainstorming and coming up with strategies and ideas for future action.

“Our mission has been given fresh impetus,” Ms Evers said. “We have taken on board all the suggestions and will be liaising with all participants on their follow-up efforts to spread the word about preserving our jarrah, karri and tuart trees.

“Our city cousins need to understand the stresses our forests are under. With the ever-decreasing size and quality of our remaining resources, we must all play a part to see that the degradation stops. Forest resilience is rapidly diminishing, and 600-year-old trees are still being cut down.

“Perhaps more importantly, we need to maintain our rage against the Government, which has ignored two big petitions to stop logging the forests.”

Ms Evers said the community will not sit back and watch idly as old-growth timber continues to be targeted by the State-run Forest Products Commission, which has shown little regard for the consequences of its actions.

“Watch this space,” she said.

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