Fracking furore justified

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Greens South-West MLC Diane Evers says coordinated protests in the South-West last weekend organised by Frack Free WA were justified given the Mines and Petroleum Minister does not appear to share community concerns about the industry.

“Since the election, the Government has made a number of concerning revelations about what its promised ban on fracking in the South-West really means,” Ms Evers said.

“First, we have learnt that it won’t be a legislated ban. And second, we have learnt that the stated ban does not rule out exploration for gas, including on private land, national parks and in drinking water areas.

“Finally we have learnt that tight gas can be considered conventional or unconventional, and either appropriate or inappropriate, for our region, depending on who in government you are speaking to.

“A highly intensive gas extraction industry in the Whicher Range Priority One drinking water catchment, which has already been identified as vulnerable to bushfires caused by gas flaring, does not have community support, nor is it a justified direction for this government at a point in history when renewable energies have already been embraced by other countries and have huge untapped potential in our South-West.

“We believe farmers and private land owners should have the right to refuse access to gas exploration and extraction.

“We will work hard to ensure the ALP does not cave on its election promise.”

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