Greens win inquiry for Parliamentary Budget Office

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Greens WA Finance and Treasury spokesperson Diane Evers has successfully called for an inquiry into the establishment of a Parliamentary Budget Office to ensure the independent costing of election promises and related purposes.

The move was added as an amendment to a motion calling for an investigation into the Government’s Local Projects Local Jobs program, which was supported by all parties this week.

Initiated by Shadow Minister for Government Accountability, Tjorn Sibma, it called on the Estimates and Financial Operations Committee to look at various aspects of the program, in particular how projects were developed, evaluated and selected for funding.

Ms Evers said this was a good example of why WA needed a Parliamentary Budget Office, similar to ones that exist federally and in some Australian states, which provided independent costings of election promises.

The inquiry will be chaired by Mr Sibma with Labor MLC Alanna Clohesy as deputy. The committee is to report no later than 12 months after the referral.

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