As an accountant, Diane is very excited to have this portfolio and will be ensuring that the government is run efficiently and effectively through rigorous questioning of State expenditure.  Government decisions on investment should value the entirety of environmental, economic and social outcomes.

As a member of the Financial and Estimates Operation Committee, she will be looking to ensure that all Western Australian’s interests are looked after and that our natural environment is cared for in perpetuity.  She’d like to see our economy become robust and  resilient to the outside influences of climate change, globalisation and the influences of individuals or corporations that try to undermine the legitimate processes of government.

Sound financial investments in our people, renewable technologies and public transport will provide better long-term outcomes and are key to building a strong and resilient population.  The Greens WA believe that our economy exists to support and enhance the sustainability and prosperity of the current generation, without compromising that of coming generations.

Recent activity includes the 2017-18 Budget estimates, 2016-17 Annual reports hearing process and currently, the 2017-18 Budget estimates process.

To see the Greens WA Policy on Economics, please click here.