Fisheries and Marine

There is an urgent need for ecologically sustainable management of Western Australia’s waters because our marine environment is under increased pressure from human activities and climate change.

Greens WA want to ensure a comprehensive and adequate marine reserve system, public ownership of our coastline, estuaries and offshore islands and strict licence conditions for all projects having the potential to pollute our marine and coastal environment.

They want planning, development and management decisions that involve Aboriginal traditional owners and the broader community, that will ensure sustainability of the marine environment as well as the protection of marine life.

In July 2018, the Federal Government will strip back the highest-level of protections in a host of sensitive national marine parks around WA, leaving them open to applications for commercial fishing including trawling, and oil and gas exploration and mining.  We need to ensure this does not happen.

For the Greens WA Marine and Coastal policy, click here.

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