Small Business

Small businesses are vital to the economic future of Western Australia due to their contribution to job creation, innovation, training, and participation.

The Greens believe that small businesses are essential to the building and maintenance of sustainable communities and allow people to be creative and pioneer new economic activities.

In regional areas, small businesses are invaluable to the survival of communities.  They empower people and  can lead to stronger communities.  They also play an important part in diversification of the local economy, employment and job creation.

Diane is very supportive of small businesses, in particular those enterprises within the South West region and travel regularly to meet some of our amazing small business owners in the region.  She would particularly like to see more Indigenous businesses flourish across the South West and commit to doing what she can to assist this.

Click here for more information on the Greens (WA) Small business policy.

If you’re in the South West, Diane love to meet up to talk about your business and how she can assist you.  Click on the Invite Diane link to set up a meeting when she’s in your area next.