Sport and Recreation

Sport is very important in our lives.  It keeps us healthy and can combat the stresses in our everyday life. It can also teach us many other skills including responsibility and teamwork, and can foster important friendships.

The Greens understand that adequate physical recreation and, for many, sporting activities, are necessary for the maintenance of good mental and physical health. Participation in sport through community-based sporting clubs and associations play an important role in our communities.

As the Greens WA representative for this portfolio, Diane is working to ensure that participation in sport and recreation activities are equitable and available to everyone.

Recent activity includes questions to the Minister for Sport and Recreation during the budget estimates in 2017 on kidsport grants, and letters to the World Rugby Cup CEO on the availability of sports to Tongan girls in school.

If you have any sporting issues you would like Diane to follow up, please let her know through the contact page.

Further information can be found  at the Greens WA Physical Activity Policy  and at

Greens Sport and Physical Recreation Policy