Tourism is a major contributor to the State’s economy, and is a vital industry to many regional areas providing employment  to in excess of 100,000 Western Australians.

The State covers the entire western third of the country, and is rich in diversity, attracting visitors from all around the world, the country and within the State.

The South West region in particular, contains more than 1000km of breathtaking coastline, 24 national parks, towering forest, agriculturally rich land and beautiful natural formations.

As the Greens (WA) portfolio holder for Tourism, Diane will be working to ensure adequate investment in tourism and events, both within the South West and across the State.  She will also be working to ensure that our natural environments have the highest protection so that visitors can continue to enjoy this beautiful State.  This includes saving and preserving our forests and ensuring the continued protection of marine life.

See the Forests and Marine portfolios for further information.