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Lewin Block Long Weekend (and Beyond) Blockade

Endless conversation, copious food supply, well-organised camp, and incredibly beautiful surroundings.

This past weekend, Diane spent two days with forest protesters at Lewin block, broadening her understanding of protests.

For Diane, a walk through the recently cleared area, making way for bigger equipment for the really old trees, was eye-opening. There were numerous trees with a diameter larger than Diane’s arm span, with no tell-tale ‘H’ for habitat tree marked on them. These giants will be felled in coming weeks if the government doesn’t step in and put a halt to it.

Anyone who has a thought about going to see this forest, Diane asks you to please act on it. There are lovely, committed people there to welcome you. Don’t let the weather put you off. There’s a lovely fire, and tents and tarps to keep you dry. A well-appointed kitchen with a well-stocked larder awaits your arrival.

Bring a camera, and a pair of boots. Help Save Lewin Forest.

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