EversGreen: May-August ’17

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Hello to you dear members! My first three months as a Member of Parliament have been exciting but have flown by. It has been a very steep learning curve and I have been very quickly coming to terms with how Parliament works, given an inaugural speech, had my first debate on the all-important Loan Bill 2017, presented petitions on GM crop compensation and the Fremantle Port, raised a motion on the reinstatement of the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003 and asked many important questions of the Labor government.


While touring the Southwest, I visited the Barrabup Forest to view the native jarrah forest that Forest Products Commission (FPC) began logging without proper assessments having been completed. The decimation of the surrounding area is quite disturbing. I have asked a number of questions to the Government on the Barrabup Forest, which is home to many threatened animals and plants and I am continuing to seek answers from the Government on why it continues to log native forests when it is clearly doing so at a loss.

Our native forests are under multiple stresses not just from logging but also Phytophthora dieback and declining rainfall,  and the state must take action to manage them for the ecological health of the forest, taking into account the various needs of different forest types and locations. Find out more about the Save Barrabup Campaign by watching the video on their Facebook group, or contributing to the campaign.


Recently I have been considering hosting a weekend get-together for members of the electorate at the Donnelly River Village. Whilst I was hoping to have this event in November this year, unfortunately that weekend won’t work for many of our key people and volunteers so I’ve decided to postpone to early 2018. I’ll keep you informed as we finalise the details.


This incredible journey gives the South West and the Greens many opportunities to influence government and make a positive difference. If you have any suggestions for events, site visits, meetings or actions, please contact my office.

Moving forward I am focusing heavily on the State Budget: my team and I are going through every detail as I am keen to represent the Finance and Treasury portfolio thoroughly. Now that I’ve got my bearings and my team together I suggest you watch this space for more exciting happenings in the months to come!

And though it’s not my portfolio, it is important to me that we do our very best to spread the word to vote “Yes” in the upcoming Marriage Equality Plebiscite.

Summary of my first 100 days
May 22 – August 30, 2017
Questions in Parliament:

Gas extraction | GM crops | Pt Peron Development | Barrabup Forest | Forest Products Commission | ALCOA | Public sector staffing numbers in the South West | Gourmet Escape | Sharks | Dieback | Penguins | Food Irradiation | Roe Highway | Land Clearing

Motions on Notice:
Reinstate the GM Crops Free Area Act

The Loan and Supply Bills | Sharks | Drug Trafficking | Local Government Vehicle Registration

Member’s Statements:
Climate Change | The Barrabup Forest

Events attended:

Food Film in Margaret River | Albany Car Classic | Aboriginal Small Business Albany | Bush Foods Seminar Albany | Truffle Kerfuffle – Manjimup | RAC Event Bunbury | Torbay Catchment Group | Uranium Protest | Harvey Health Service Reno’s Opening | Nyungar Country Art Exhibition Bunbury | Small Business Research Report Launch | South Coast Snapshot Launch | Western Ground Parrot Film | Community Health Roundtable Bunbury | Greens event – Bunbury | Community Health Roundtable Busselton

Events attended (cont.):

Community Health Roundtable Margaret River | Greens Event – Margaret River | Community Health Roundtable Manjimup | Greens Event – Balingup | Barrabup Forest Site Visit | Candlelight Vigil for Detainees | CCWA Plastic Free Event | Plastic Free Sewing Bee – Albany | Talk with year 6 classes at Aquinas School | Sustainable Procurement Seminar | Launch of Kultcha Kitchen – Albany | Bush Food Dinner by Fervor – Porongorups | Equalitea – Marriage Equality Action – Albany | Energy Research Report Launch | Frack Free Rally | Black Swan Theatre 2018 Launch | Opening of Busselton Admin and Civic Building

Meetings and Briefings:

Finance | Budget | Forests | Housing Point Peron/Mangles Bay site visit | Albany Greens | Kojonup Organic Farmer | Amnesty International | Constituent re ALCOA | August Margaret River Clean Community Energy | Small Business Innovation | South Coast NRM | Albany Council | Denmark Council | Denmark Chamber of Commerce | Mt Barker Council | Timber Miller | WAFarmers | Royal Life Saving | Mandurah Councillor | Hon Jeremy Buckingham NSW MLC | GM Free Farmers | Great Southern Grammar at Parliament House | South West Catchment Council

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