Op till you drop!

Support your local Op Shop

On average, Australians purchase 27kg of clothing per person, per year. This is more than twice the global average of 13kg. And then almost 85 per cent of this is then discarded and heads towards the tip. The growing throwaway culture for clothes has resulted in fabrics filling landfill indefinitely, as they invariably take hundreds of years to break down, if ever. Instead of disposing of unwanted clothing in rubbish bins, Diane strongly encourages people to donate it to charity. In turn, when buying clothes, please consider visiting op shops for their needs. Secondhand does not mean sacrificing style, and in turn diverts clothing from landfill. Diane and her family frequent op shops whenever and wherever they can. Opting for Op also means you are saving money as the clothes are much cheaper, while also ensuring proceeds go to worthwhile charities.

If you have an Op Shop you would like listed on this page, please contact southwest.evers@mp.wa.gov.au

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