SFIS: Opposition Grows to Damming River Flows

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In June, Diane tabled a petition in Parliament with nearly one thousand signatures opposing the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme.

Since that time it has become increasingly apparent in the media and in the response to Diane’s office that there is near-universal opposition to this unfair scheme in the South West Region – in one case, even from an individual who bought into the scheme when it was first spruiked!

With this in mind, Diane is making plans with the Don’t Dam the Donnelly community group for further action during August, to really let the proponents of this scheme – and the State and Federal Governments – know that this is not in the public or environment’s interest.

There remains hope that the Environmental Protection Authority may reject the scheme, but there have been too many examples of enough boxes being ticked to allow bad developments to proceed. This is no time for complacency.

Finally, Diane received a very special poem from an 11-year-old self-identified farmer. With a strong sense of identity and understanding of the environment, Diane recognises that this is the next generation: the intangible, countless, unending wave of time, to whom a responsibility is owed to provide a healthy, functional society — and whom the current generation must cede power to, as it surrenders to the knowledge that the next generation are ready , willing and able to shape their future.

Diane thanks Maggie for caring enough to take action – and hopes people listen.

Maggie’s poem:


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