Two Per Cent Success-Rate In Shark Drumline Trial Costs Taxpayers Millions

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South West Greens MLC Diane Evers has encouraged Western Australians to contribute to the Environmental Protection Authority’s seven-day public comment period for the continuation of the WA Government’s SMART Drumline trial.

Ms Evers, The Greens (WA) spokesperson for marine and fisheries, has criticised the trial as an inappropriate method for shark attack mitigation in the past, representing concerns from thousands of Western Australians on the matter.

While the trial proceeded last year despite these community concerns, with concessional oversights enacted as a result of public pressure, Ms Evers said there was no evidence extending the length of the trial would yield significant information.

The EPA’s public comment period runs from Thursday, 30 April to Wednesday, 6 May and can be accessed at the following link:


“The McGowan Government has said extending the SMART drumline trial will help determine the efficacy of this program, despite its two per cent success-rate costing $6million to the taxpayer so far.

“Spending $3million per great white shark tagged does not strike me as effective research or expenditure.

“In November 2018 I tabled a petition in parliament opposed to this trial, which was backed by over 7000 Western Australians in an online equivalent.

“Initial concerns about this trial were that it lacked supporting evidence, increased risk to beach users and would have a harmful effect on our precious marine life – little has been done to alleviate this.

“Over 15 months, 73 non-target species have been captured unnecessarily by this trial.

“The capture of only two target species in this multi-million dollar program surely cannot be justified as improving safety or as value for taxpayer dollars.

“It may seem fait accompli for this extension to go ahead, but I would still encourage those in the community who are opposed to this trial to lodge their comments on the record during the EPA’s public comment period.”

Hon. Diane Evers
MLC for South West
(08) 9486 8070

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