Victory in Dunsborough community efforts

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Greens (WA) South West MLC Diane Evers has expressed congratulations to Dunsborough community group Puma2Go for a major win in the Court of Appeal this week.

A Supreme Court ruling from 2017 allowing the development to go ahead was overturned on Monday, representing a victory for the local community in a three-year legal battle.

Ms Evers said it was critical the overwhelming voices of opposition in Dunsborough were heard and acknowledged the dedication of Puma2Go to the cause.

“Dunsborough said ‘no’ – and this could not be ignored,” she said.

“For the past three years Puma2Go has championed the overwhelming community opposition of a 24-hour Puma convenience store and petrol station in their town.

“Naturally, I was delighted to hear yesterday that the Court of Appeal has overturned the Supreme Court ruling.

“Our communities are being listened to and this is the most important thing.”

The issue would likely return to the State Administrative Tribunal and Ms Evers believes the prevention any further approval would result in a positive economic outcome for Dunsborough.

“This development was planned for an important, busy tourist destination and it would be wrong to undermine the existing economic opportunities in an area that is already adequately serviced,” she said.

“Development needs to be approved on a solid financial and economic basis, and it is not good enough to simply allow big operators to come in and make it unviable for others to exist.

“There were always additional safety and traffic aspects to consider, so it has been clear that this development was the wrong thing to have in Dunsborough.”

Since coming into office in 2017, Ms Evers has engaged the Dunsborough community group on the issue of the Puma development and represented their concerns to the Puma chief executive in March.

On Tuesday morning Puma2Go thanked Ms Evers for her support of the campaign.

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