South Coast

The Southern Coast extends from Walpole to Bremer Bay and stretches inland past Jerramungup. The population is approximately 54,000 people with more than half inhabiting the town of Albany.  Steady growth is projected in the area as the seascape phenomenon continues to entice families who are seeking a comfortable work-life balance.

The region’s rugged coastline, turquoise beaches, cool climate vineyards and hiking trails through Fitzgerald River National Park are some of the attractions that build community respect and passion for its natural environment.  As such, many regenerative forest projects and local sustainability strategies have been essential in preserving the remaining biodiversity richness of the area as external factors continue to impact the landscape.

Green Skills, Gondwana Link and the Denmark Community Wind Farm group are some of the many environmental organisations in the area who work tirelessly to mitigate these issues.

Active issues in the area include

  • Opposing the gazettal of Warriup Swamp-Lake Mullocullup
  • Encouraging personal shark deterrents
  • Opposing the Vancouver Lake proposal
  • Investigating the effects of ManukaLife honey developments
  • Investigating wave energy
  • Conserving road verge areas
  • Reducing the amount of plastics entering the ocean
  • Preserving our forests
  • Supporting regenerative agriculture

More issues are arising on a regular basis. To find out more about a specific issue in your area or to notify us of an area of concern, contact the office at

Farmers Markets


Albany Farmers Market, every Saturday, 8:00am – 12:00pm, Collie Street, Albany.